Our Machine Shop

Our Machine shop has continued to grow over the years as we look for new ways to get the job done more effeciently for our customers.
With our latest addition of the DMG CMX 50U we have increased our 5 axis machining capacity.
We continue to employ fully licenced machinists and tool and die makers with full operating capabilities on our machines.

CNC Milling Machines

DMG CMX 70U 5 Axis CNC Mill X-29.5" Y-23.6" Z-20.5" (Oct. 2019)

DMG CMX 50U 5 Axis CNC Mill X-19.7" Y-17.7" Z-15.7" (July 2021)

DMG DMU 50 5 Axis CNC Mill X-19.7" Y-17.7" Z-15.7" (Sept. 2012)

Modern Tool VM1000 3 Axis CNC Mill X-39"" Y-19"" Z-22""

CNC Lathes

Modern Tool BNC 26120 XXL Lathe 26" Swing 120" Between Centers

Gildemeister CNC Lathe 12" Dia. X 40" Lg --- NEF-520

Gildemeister CNC Lathe 6" Dia. X 30" Lg --- NEF-320

Conventional Machining

Mill with table capacity of 78.75" x 23.63" x 27.56"

Lathe with capacity up to 25" Swing X 120" Between Centers

Surface Grinder with capacity up to 16" x 32"

Cylindrical Grinder with capacity 16" Dia. x 40"

Sunnen Hone with 0.06" Dia. to 4" Dia.

Hansford - Davis Keyseater 1/16" x 1.5"

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