Our design team plays a vital roll in ensuring a project is executed flawlessly. We use the latest version of Solidworks on all our projects. Solidworks allows our customers to see exactly what they are getting before we cut metal. The lines of communication are kept open, and everybody knows the project scope and details moving forward. The use of exploded views, cut-aways, and even animation is used during the design approval stage. After the design approval proper drawings are generated and routed through the shop. Project drawings are archived on our server and available upon request.
We routinely perform the following:
  • Complex machine assemblies
  • Part Stress Analysis
  • Fixturing design based on customers 2D or 3D data.
  • We accept all forms of Cad data. (dwg, dxf, iges, stp, etc.)
  • Assembly animation and interference check
  • Plastic part creation for Plastic Injection Mold Industry
Braze Fixture designed from customer .step file Retractable conveyor design
Stainless vacuum chamber for quality assurance Report done to determine strength of material transfer cart with section removed.
Depth Gauge using Mitutoyo digital mic Hose crimp fixture designed to locate part during crimping
Custom designed torque socket for shipping cap Torque fixture designed to torque screw to spec. Part locked in fixture until torque specification is met.
Assembly die set Assembly fixture designed around customer's .step file
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